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Have sharper business insights. Stop managing pay slips and recruitment. WELCOME OUTSOURCING.


Fast access to fit-talent is the best skill to the key foundation of sustainable competitive improvement. In this scenario the perfect way to reduce expenses and release the bottom line is to outsource part or all of its recruitment efforts to a third party service provider. This approach offers dexterity and scalability to the business, and may be especially significant in a recessionary situation. It gives the organization, flexibility to scale up their recruitment efforts based on evolving business needs-

  • Presents your company to be regarded as the leading employer in your industry
  • Ensures all employees are competent in making decisions that meet future business requirements
  • Improves employee commitment by professionally supervising internal movement in a fair manner
  • Reduces costs effectively

Thus Core helps you-

Finding the perfect business partner who appreciates your business objectives and develops a recruitment process, which not only help branding your organization as extremely attractive but also gives a reliable candidate search experience proven to be a challenge for companies seeking to recruit efficient employees.


The concept of Globalization has effected organizations across diverse verticals to understand the worth of outsourcing. Managing payroll could be a tedious task as it engages a lot of time and attention. This often distracts the important business goals of an organization. In this case outsourcing payroll processing is the best solution. Core thoroughly analyses the company rules and regulations and develop innovative strategies for processing the payroll efficiently and effectively.

Improved and resourceful payroll process means:

  • Better resource employment
  • Smooth processes & quicker turnaround time
  • Maintaining entire employee life-cycle, from date of joining to exit
  • Lesser risk related to agreement and penalties
  • Prompt resolution of employee issues
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Consolidated, error free documents